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Types of highland honey
Honey with lots of wax

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Characteristics of quality highland honey
Types of honey grown in the highlands
How to test the authenticity of highland honey before buying
Factors affecting the price of natural honey

Highland honey is one of the special resources given by God, which plays an effective role in the health of the body and is used in the treatment     of many diseases. Highland honey is one of the types of natural honey that is obtained with great effort

Beekeepers can produce honey in high altitudes by placing special places for bees in fertile areas and produce one of the highest quality honey samples. Honeys that are produced through the contact of bees with natural flowers in the highlands have more and purer properties and can bring a higher effect.

Today, the honeys that are offered to the market by different producers have different prices that are determined according to different factors and different reasons. The price of Highland honey is also measured based on the costs spent to provide the required manpower and equipment and is announced in different time games.

In this article, we intend to introduce you to the characteristics of quality honeys and the tips for buying good honey and how to recognize it, so that you can make a quality purchase without any defects and enjoy the purchased quality honey.

Highland honey
Highland honey

Characteristics of quality Highland honey
High-quality honeys have characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary and non-original honeys and provide better results. These features include:

High calories: high-quality and natural honeys can provide your body with energy for long hours and prevent blood sugar drop and energy level decrease. Natural honey can be effective in helping to lose weight, and if you can use it correctly, you will reach the ideal weight in a short period of time.
High concentration: quality honeys are neither too hard nor too loose. This balanced concentration is one of the distinctive characteristics of natural and original honey, which you should take into consideration when buying.

Fast dissolving: honey that has a natural structure dissolves easily in hot liquids and spreads evenly throughout the liquid, while impure honeys do not have this property and need more time to dissolve.

Natural aroma: Most people who have experience in the field of buying or producing honey can easily recognize the pleasant aroma of honey because Highland honey carries the pleasant aroma of wild flowers in the mountains.

The concentration of natural honey
The concentration of natural honey

Types of highland honey

Bees that grow in high altitudes and mountains are able to produce quality honeys that exist in various types and are known. Honeys obtained from natural mountain flowers are divided into two categories, which are beehive honey and wild honey. Beehive honey, which is also known as highland honey, is produced with human intervention and special processes, which has a high nutritional value and has more properties than honey produced in bee farms.

These honeys come mostly from the flowers on the slopes of the mountains, which have the most minerals and natural resources. When the bees feed on the nectar of these flowers, they are able to transfer all the properties of the fertile mountain slopes to honey and in    this way provide the body’s need for these minerals.

Wild honeys are also produced by the bees themselves. The beehives made by bees are the living places of the bees that supply this honey. Achieving such honey requires a long and exhausting activity that is worth doing. In our country, there are many different elevations, which are a suitable platform for producing all kinds of honey elevation effects.

Bee breeding on the slopes of the mountain
Bee breeding on the slopes of the mountain

How to test the authenticity of highland honey before buying
Distinguishing original honey from non-original is a sensitive process that you need to be familiar with so that you can make a good and flawless purchase and avoid purchasing inferior and low-quality products.

An easy way to recognize Highland honey is to perform a natural honey recognition test. The best and most productive method is to take some honey to an accredited laboratory and request a test for the product. In this way, you can detect the presence of impurities in honey and know the original product from the non-original one. But in addition to this method, there are also traditional and homemade methods to identify a high-quality product, one of which is the honey test with a sense of touch.

When you rub natural honey using your fingers, you should not feel any looseness or thinness because natural honey has a consistent texture and is very thick. You can also test the purity of honey using cold water.

Natural honey is dissolved by being placed in water, and some of its texture remains at the bottom of the container and does not dissolve, while low-quality honeys that are mixed with other substances or do not have the structure of honey in general dissolve completely in water. and leave no traces.

An old and not interesting method is to use vinegar, which you can mix some honey with, and if you see it foaming, you should suspect the possibility of it being fake. It should be noted that these traditional methods do not have a scientific origin and may not bring accurate results.

The relationship between the price of honey and its type
The relationship between the price of honey and its type

Factors affecting the price of natural honey
The price of Highland honey and types of natural honey is measured based on various factors, which together can determine the final price of this product. For example, honey that is produced in the mountains and their slopes involves round-the-clock activities and queues of high costs and amounts, and thus may have a higher price.

In addition, the honeys produced by bee breeding places have a lower price. Buyers can choose the product according to their needs and the application they intend to use honey and choose the desired product from among the varieties available on the site. You, dear ones, can make the most suitable choice by contacting our experts and place your order.

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