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The effect of flower honey on different parts of the bodyComparison of natural honey and sugar water honeyFactors determining the quality of flower honeyThe price of the best flower honey exported from Iran
the best flower honey exported from Iran

the best flower honey exported from Iran has many fans inside and outside the country because it is produced in favorable weather conditions and bees use special flowers to prepare it. Our country, Iran, is considered the cradle of spring flower cultivation, and provinces such as Azerbaijan and Fars, as well as Kerman or mountainous regions, are considered to be the most important places for honey cultivation in this country.

Iranian honey has gained a lot of fame among foreign buyers and the reason for this popularity is the quality of this product. Spring honeys, which are obtained from the blossoms and flowers of fruit trees, each have different aromas and properties that the consumer chooses according to their taste or therapeutic needs, whichever is more compatible with the desired application.

The city of Shiraz in Fars province and its surrounding areas has the most diverse and distinctive flowers in the country, and for this reason, many beekeepers produce honey in these areas.

Iran’s best export honey has a great reputation in the world markets and many customers of this product place their orders in countries outside of Iran. The useful information of this article will help you choose honey with a more open view and have an affordable and quality product.

the best flower honey exported from Iran

the best flower honey exported from Iran

The effect of flower honey on different parts of the body

the best flower honey exported from Iran has many properties for the body and its effect on different systems and parts shows it as a useful medicine and tonic food. Among the most important effects that honey has on the body and causes our health, the following can be mentioned:

  • Nervous function: the effect of honey on the nervous system is undeniable, and since this substance has beneficial compounds for brain cells, it can be considered as a useful food for strengthening the brain, and those who Continuously using this product can experience better decision making and less headaches.
  • Bone building: The strength of bones increases with the consumption of honey, and this substance can be used to improve bone growth in children and even adults.
  • Skin: Fresh skin is always obtained by consuming useful ingredients such as natural honey, and maintaining its density is also done by this product, and in this way, the skin ages less and its youthful life is increased. Using this method for damaged skin is also fruitful and can restore freshness to them.
  • Heart: The compounds in honey also strengthen the heart, and traditional medicine doctors recommend the consumption of honey to increase the pumping power of the heart and its better performance.
  • Blood: the combination of honey molecules with blood platelets and its effect on them ensures better oxygen supply to cells and tissues and thus the health of this part is guaranteed.


Natural flower honey

Natural flower honey

Comparison of natural honey and sugar water honey

the best flower honey exported from Iran is produced in a completely natural way and bees feed only on the nectar of flowers. This process produces quality honey. Honeys prepared from sugar water as food for bees are not much different from ordinary concentrated sugar water and it cannot be said that this product has therapeutic properties.

These honeys only have a sweetening role and people who use them cannot benefit from the properties found in natural wild plants. But organic honey, which is a product of mountainous and pristine areas, not only attracts the trust of customers, but also has all the properties found in the soil and minerals of the earth and can play an effective role in improving health.

Sugar itself is an artificial product and a chemical compound that has many harms to the body. Bees that feed on sugar may transfer its harmful effects to honey and have a negative feedback for the consumer.

Since today the market of buying and selling the best flower honey exported from Iran has become very famous and prosperous, profit-seeking people also sell their inferior honeys and sugar water in the market to earn more profit. Therefore, when buying this product, you should be careful not to fall into the trap of these people.

Grade 1 export honey

Grade 1 export honey

Factors determining the quality of flower honey

The quality of the best flower honey exported from Iran is determined by various factors and is priced based on its quality. Plant origin is one of these factors, which is also known as the most important indicator of honey quality.

Definitely, the product that is produced in areas with rich soil is more expensive than the products that are produced in agricultural lands and artificial products. Another factor that plays a role in achieving this goal is weather conditions. The amount of useful activity of bees changes according to the type of weather and this affects the quality of work.

But sometimes, despite the favorable climatic and regional conditions, due to the beekeeper’s ignorance of the correct harvesting method and exact timing, the quality of honey is reduced and the obtained product will not perform properly. It is suggested to go to the original and experienced sales agents to get the best export honey from Iran.

Quality and nutritious honey

Quality and nutritious honey

The price of the best flower honey exported from Iran

The price of the best flower honey exported from Iran is currently around 600 to 1,800,000 Tomans, which is placed in different ranges based on its quality. A convenient and effective way to make a safe purchase and receive the product at a reasonable price is to visit the main sales representative.

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