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The origin of honeyProperties of honeyNatural shiraz mountain honey
shiraz mountain honey

Shiraz mountain honey is one of the distinctive and valuable Iranian products that is known all over the world

This type of honey is produced in the region of Shiraz city in Fars province and some of its unique features distinguish

it from other types of honey

Shiraz mountain honey
Shiraz mountain honey

The origin of honey

Shiraz mountain honey is extracted from oak, avocado, tangerine and other fragrant mountain plants and flowers

This honey has a very special value and taste because the bees in this region collect fragrant flowers from high and mountainous places

One of the attractive features of Shiraz mountain honey is its sweet and bitter taste at the same time, which gives it a unique tool for measuring taste

Also, due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, this honey is recommended to people who are looking for natural solutions toimprove their health

Types of flavored honey
Types of flavored honey

Properties of honey

Shiraz mountain honey is known as a strong antioxidant that can help maintain the youth of the skin and prevent the decline of the body’s defenses

These unique characteristics of Shiraz mountain honey have caused it to be used in cosmetics and health industries as well

Therefore, Shiraz mountain honey with a unique combination of Shiraz mountains flowers along with countless healing and health properties is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a natural, pure and useful product as optimal nutrition and treatment

Shiraz mountain honey also has a special place in the culture and customs of Iranian people

This type of honey is used as a symbol of love, beauty and peace in Iranian literature and culture

Since ancient times, as a symbol of beauty and goodness, honey has been added to the famous narratives and poems of Iranian

literature, and the mountain honey of Shiraz has a special place in this field of artistic and cultural life of Iran


Quality honey texture
Quality honey texture

Natural shiraz mountain honey

In addition, Shiraz mountain honey, as a distinctive and quality product, attracts tourists and visitors to its production areas

Tourists interested in experiencing the special taste and properties of Shiraz mountain honey travel to the region, this contributes to the credibility of biotourism and local development

Shiraz mountain honey, as a valuable symbol of nature and culture of Iran, with its many taste and properties, as well as its positive effects on the health and beauty of the body, has received the attention and appreciation of the people of this land as well as the world market

Choosing Shiraz mountain honey as the only special and unique honey is a pleasant and useful experience for anyone who is looking for a unique combination of pleasure and health in a safe natural product

This honey is called natural because the bee feeds on the nectar of the flowers and no sugar is given to the bees

Because bees feed on many plants, they also produce special honey. Wild honey, which is found in the nature of Shiraz and on the mountain slopes, and the hives are created by the bees themselves, is also very popular. The price of wild honey, of course, varies from 2 million to 10 million

It goes without saying that wild beeswax also has countless properties, but it should not be swallowed after chewing because it is not possible for the stomach to digest it

Natural honeys are rich in minerals needed by the body and also have various types of protein, vitamins, and fat

The sweetness of honey is due to sucrose, glucose, and fructose sugars, which help to create energy

The reason for the properties of Shiraz mountain honey is the presence of various minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium in this special honey

In addition, the presence of iron and vitamins of group B can cure anemia in some people


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