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exportable Iranian thyme honeyContraindications for the use of thyme honeyHow to properly store honeyHow to recognize natural thyme honeyThe price of thyme honey exported from Iran
exportable Iranian thyme honey

exportable Iranian thyme honey has many fans in our country and outside the borders of Iran. This country is considered one of the main exporters of thyme honey in the world and sells this native product in domestic and foreign markets.

Honey prepared from Iranian thyme has many properties, and since the rich and powerful soil of our country is considered a suitable platform for growing therapeutic thyme, it is possible to produce an amazing and effective product called thyme honey by breeding honey bees in different regions.

This honey is exported to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Syria, Turkey and other neighboring countries, and the number of regular customers of this product is increasing day by day. The demand for the export of Iranian thyme honey in international markets is increasing, and the reason for the popularity of this product among buyers is its unique quality.

The fame of Iranian honeys has gone beyond the borders of the Middle East and this product has customers from Europe and Africa who are eager to receive this product in order to benefit from the properties of Iranian honeys and order to buy it.

Getting to know the characteristics of Iranian thyme honey will help you make a better decision and make your purchase. Stay with us until the end of this article to get information in this field.

exportable Iranian thyme honey

exportable Iranian thyme honey

Contraindications for the use of thyme honey

exportable Iranian thyme honey is a very special product, it may not be recommended for people who suffer from various diseases and allergies to eat it and cause many complications in their body. In the following, we mention the cases for which the consumption of honey is not recommended:
Children under one year of age: In general, the use of honey for children who have not reached one year of age may cause allergies, and since thyme honey has a warm nature, it is not used for these babies.
People with diabetes: The sensitive disease of diabetes severely limits food consumption for people, and people with this disease must consume all food under the supervision of a doctor and with his opinion.
People who have digestive diseases: consuming honey is useful for improving digestion and relieving the symptoms of digestive diseases, but some people have advanced diseases that are aggravated by eating honey. These people should consume honey under the doctor’s supervision and if he agrees.
During pregnancy and breastfeeding: The sensitive period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is also considered as one of the contraindications for the consumption of honey, and if the gynecologist approves the consumption of honey, one can do this.

Thyme honey and milk for headache

Thyme honey and milk for headache

How to properly store honey

exportable Iranian thyme honey is a product that does not require specialized storage, and only by placing it at a medium temperature can the properties of this valuable material be preserved. In general, the consumption of honey should start from the very beginning of production so that the consumer can access its benefits.
Keeping honey in a humid environment may also change its structure and reduce the function of the molecules in it. It is better to store these materials in a place where there is no moisture. You can also insulate the lid of the storage container well to prevent moisture from entering it.
The container you choose for storage is also very important, and it is better to use plastic or glass containers for long-term storage of this product so that its properties are preserved and not exposed to the open air.
Long-term storage of honey in the open air may cause contamination to enter it and become a destructive substance through the adhesion of dust and viruses in the air and bring various harm to the body. Also, air humidity changes its structure when entering honey, and it may be difficult for the body to absorb the properties of exportable Iranian thyme honey, which is a quality product.

Medical export honey

Medical export honey

How to recognize natural thyme honey

exportable Iranian thyme honey is a natural product and a lot of effort has been spent to produce it, but profit-seeking people easily question all these efforts and deliver their low-quality products to customers. Recognizing natural honey is not an easy task and all the solutions provided cannot prove the naturalness of honey 100%.
But don’t worry because if you are looking for original sales representatives you have actually contacted the beekeeper himself. Credible and experienced sales representatives communicate directly with the beekeeper and provide you with the products first hand.
Inquiring and receiving information from previous customers can build trust in reliable sales representatives, and in this way, you will be able to order quality products in partial or total dimensions and be sure of their authenticity and naturalness.

Export grade 1 honey

Export grade 1 honey

The price of thyme honey exported from Iran

The price of exportable Iranian thyme honey is almost equal to other natural honeys, all of which have medicinal and nutritional properties. The issue that makes some types of honey more expensive than others is the quality of the product.
In fact, the first option that is effective in pricing this valuable material is its quality. In the current market, the best and highest quality honey is sold for about 600 to 1800 thousand tomans. You, dear ones, can contact our experienced experts to get the new prices and make your purchase cost-effectively.

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