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Benefits of honey for girlsBenefits of consuming honey biscuitsMaking natural cosmetic products with honeyThe price of native honey exported from Iran
native honey exported from Iran

native honey exported from Iran is produced in special and favorable conditions, and professional beekeepers using all their work experience have been able to produce a product that has satisfied buyers in every way.

Producers of export honey keep the beehives away from any damage and take full care of them. Also, the transportation of these hives is done in such a way that no damage is done to the structure of honey and the health of bees and their babies.

The honeys that are produced in different regions of Iran have the highest quality and rank first among similar products in the world markets, and for this reason, they are the first priority in the minds of foreign customers.

Experienced producers of quality honey know the exact time of harvesting honey and are able to produce a product that has the highest nutritional value and is used for various purposes. Types of Iranian honeys such as Thyme honey, Kanaar honey, Orange spring honey, Goon honey and some medicinal plants are among the most popular honeys that have therapeutic uses and are effective for better growth of children.

Exported native Iranian honey has a quick effect with the right concentration, and with the help of this feature, it can be used to treat all kinds of diseases.

native honey exported from Iran

native honey exported from Iran

Benefits of honey for girls

native honey exported from Iran has many benefits for girls and women, which has made this product to be considered as a natural and tonic medicine for all age groups. Among the benefits of honey consumption by women, the following can be mentioned:

  • Fixing anemia: Girls and women suffer from anemia due to their monthly conditions and can overcome possible problems by consuming honey.
  • Fresher skin: Having young and fresh skin is one of the most important ideals of every woman, and consuming honey is an effective help to achieve this goal, and those who frequently consume this food have younger skin than their peers.
  • Supplying energy: Honey is considered as an energy-rich substance that can provide the energy needed by the body for long hours, and in this way, the consumer will be able to perform his daily activities without a sugar drop.
  • Reduction of menstrual inflammations: the presence of hormonal changes that occur during menstruation for women causes an increase in inflammations, and continuous consumption of honey can prevent the increase in body temperature during this period.

Honey for skin rejuvenation

Honey for skin rejuvenation

Benefits of consuming honey biscuits

One of the effective ways to consume honey daily is to put it in foods that are easier to use and can be used in any situation. As you know, eating honey when you don’t have enough time can be a bit difficult and if you don’t have the necessary supplies, it will make the surrounding environment messy and dirty.

native honey exported from Iran biscuits that are produced from native honeys exported from Iran are at a higher level in terms of health than normal snacks and contain all the benefits and properties of natural honey, and by consuming them you can benefit from these beneficial properties.

People who are busy for many hours of the day and don’t have enough time to eat breakfast or a snack, can get the energy they need for the whole day by consuming these biscuits in addition to relieving the feeling of hunger.

Also, those who have a lot of brain activity and consume these biscuits, can make more accurate decisions and get more complete results from calculations and planning. Many foreign buyers order Iranian local honey every year and use this useful product to prepare these biscuits.

Food production with high quality honey

Food production with high quality honey

Making natural cosmetic products with honey

native honey exported from Iran is also used to prepare cosmetics and since this product has high flexibility to combine with other ingredients, it can be used to prepare all kinds of cosmetic products.

All kinds of honey facial masks, which are very effective in skin rejuvenation, are prepared using this honey and will bring favorable and impressive results to the consumer. Moisturizing lotions that are made using this nutrient maximize the absorption of moisture by the skin of the face and body, and as a result, create freshness in all skin cells.

Today, there are different types of body scrubs that are produced using natural Iranian honey in the market. Their use brings the necessary softness to the skin and you will not feel dry on your skin after bathing.

The combination of honey with coconut oil and herbal extracts is known as an effective method for producing lip balm, which makes the lips always fresh and fresh and people do not suffer from cracks in this area.

Spring honey harvest time

Spring honey harvest time

The price of native honey exported from Iran

The price of native honey exported from Iran to countries outside these borders is very affordable, and since the quality of Iranian products is known to foreign buyers, the customers of this product are very interested in preparing Iranian honey.

Iran has rich soil and valuable plants grow all over this land, and as a result, the honey produced in this country is of the highest quality. The best and highest quality first grade Iranian honey is bought and sold for around 600 to 1800 thousand tomans, which may change based on the quality of the honey.

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